Pakistan Breaks Guinness Record For Making World’s Largest Balloon Flag

Guinness World Records has officially recognized Pakistan as the record holder for the largest national flag ever made of balloons.

Pakistan Hindu Council (PHC) had set up the 40 feet long and 60 feet wide flag using 60,000 green and white balloons last year in the National Assembly hall to mark the Independence Day.


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Yesterday, PTI lawmaker, Ramesh Kumar, presented the Guinness World Record certificate to the Speaker National Assembly, Asad Qaiser.

The speaker lauded the Hindu community for their dedication towards achieving the feat while highlighting the role minorities have played in the development of Pakistan.

This is an expression of affection and bonding of Hindu community with the country. The entire Pakistani nation pays regards to their sentiments and love.


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He hoped that minorities will continue to play their part in the progress of the country in the time to come.

While attributing the feat to the people of Pakistan, Ramesh Kumar said it was his longstanding wish to create the national flag using balloons in the National Assembly hall on Independence Day and dedicate it to the country.

  • World is focusing on Science and technology and we are focusing on useless gimmicks and inflatting bulloons. More than 2 crore rupees were spend to make a flag. You can buy more than 10,000 books with that money. Anyway this is our priorities.

  • are you out of your bloody mind! are these your priorities??? shame on you! this country is doomed! petty gimmicks!

  • زبردست، اب پاکستان کو ترقی کرنے سے کوئی نہیں روک سکتا
    ویسے یہ کسی کی طرف سے مذاق لگتا ھے کہ کوئی سنے تو ھنسے کہ دیکھو کیا ریکارڈ بنایا ھے اور پھر پوری دنیا میں ھمارا ریکارڈ لگے

  • There is no positive and encouraging comment. I don’t know why . Why everyone alwaz criticise everything. Guys please be positive. If it cost 2 crores so what ,did u contribute? No. What u did for your country have u ever ask? So please don’t criticise at all .

    • Hi Sumreen,
      Most of the comments are coming from overseas Pakistanis.We are living abroad and we have understood that Priorities of poor countries must be Education, Science and Technology. I am an overseas Pakistani as well. I work very hard to send every penny back home. My heart bleeds when I see Indian executives around me, where in UAE all cooks, drivers, cleaners, house workers, security guards are Pakistanis. Even Pakistanis are working as servants in Indian homes in UAE. So that is why we are yelling “Please change Priorities”. We are now considered Servants in Middle east. Our every penny should go to our uplift, education and Science and technology. No more fake chest bashing please.

  • Wao…… What’s a great achievement….
    Next we make world’s biggest horn(baja) and loudest pooon….pooon….

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