The Main Runway of Lahore Airport is Shutting Down for 1.5 Years

The main runway of Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore will remain closed for one and a half years for repairs.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said this in a Notice to Airman (NOTAM) on Thursday. It said that a secondary runway at the airport L-36 will be used during the period.


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CAA okayed the repair work on the request of the airport authorities, the airport manager said, adding that the overhauling of the main runway will take up to a year and a half.
During this time, long-range and heavy planes will not be allowed to land on the alternate runway, he said.


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Meanwhile, the airlines have been directed to minimize the number of passengers and fuel quantity while landing at the secondary runway of the airport.

Previously, the Lahore airport runway was closed for one week for repair work back in February.

  • Khuda ka khauf karo, Amsterdam airport took less than 8 hours to pave the runway over night starting right after last flight and next morning’s first flight landed on same runway. 1.5 saal mein to bilkul naya runway pave ho jaee, unless ProPakistani got wrong news of Year, must be a week or a month

    • u r right. 1.5 yrs just for repairs is absurd. probably its 1.5months

      it’s just a fu***ng half km long runway, not peshawar metro track

  • Raza Rizvi got it wrong I think, any ways if its actually 1.5 years then please do clarify Mr Raza.


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