Imarat Builders Mall Is One Stop For All Building & Construction Needs In Twin Cities

Construction of any tangible asset is a monumental task. It includes many considerations and informed decision making before venturing into it. Amidst the entire process, the crucial need to purchase ‘building material’ remains constant.

Be it before, during or after, one has to run to different places to purchase every kind of the constructional materials required.

Transforming the residential and commercial real estate sector of Pakistan, has contributed by introducing marvels of grandeur in the retail real estate investment sector by unveiling mega-projects like Amazon Outlet Mall, Florence Galleria, Golf Floras, and Mall of Arabia – projects by the Imarat Group of Companies, known for highest quality standards and delivering excellence.

Saving you from all the hassle and making your experience more seamless, brings you Imarat Builders Mall – the one-stop destination for all your building and construction needs.

Pakistan’s Biggest Builders Mall

Imarat Builders Mall – Pakistan Biggest Builders Mall is aimed to bring all construction and building materials under one roof.

It will offer an innovative amalgam of luxury and comfort to fulfil all construction needs under one roof. The one-of-a-kind mall consists of five storeys, including two basements, one ground floor, and two additional floors to house an extensive range of retail brands to provide a vast selection of building materials for all kinds of construction projects.

The offered retail amenities include:

  • Lighting & Fixtures

The Imarat Builders Mall will offer an extensive selection of the finest lighting fixtures including chandeliers, wall lights, wall sconces, foyer lights, and much more, all at affordable rates.

  • Sanitary fittings

With a wide variety of bathroom accessories and sanitary fittings that are designed to meet all kinds of housing and building needs. The highest quality products will provide a range of options for every budget, design and project.

  • Custom and Contemporary Range Furniture

The fastest-selling project will house modern furniture options, ranging from custom-made to contemporary designs. You can find pieces for both indoors and outdoors, and in all price ranges.

  • Kitchen Accessories

Everything you will need, from remodelling your kitchen to storage options, flexible shelving options to all types of tiles, taps and intelligent appliances,  Imarat Builders Mall will cater to all kinds of needs and wants.

  • Flooring Options

Imarat Builders Mall will cater to all kinds of flooring options, including hardwood, carpeting, luxury vinyl, tile lamination, and many more high-quality options at surprisingly affordable rates.

The mall is a diverse project that not only offers convenience to navigate through preferences in one place but is also a once-in-a-lifetime exciting investment opportunity.


The Imarat Builders Mall is located in the commercial hub of the twin cities.

Located at the prime site on Main Grand Trunk Road, Near T Chowk, Imarat Builders Mall is in close proximity to some of the biggest commercial centres including Amazon Mall, Florence galleria and Giga Mall.

The presence of markets nearby, courtesy of access through GT Road, and an area rapidly developing also plays an essential role for commercial property valuations.

Easily accessible from any side of the twin cities, strategic location, and the uniqueness is guaranteed to attract dedicated and consistent footfall.


Imarat Builders Mall is the sixth project presented by the Imarat Group of Companies; an entity recognised for offering unprecedented returns and higher-than-market Return on Investment (ROI).

The location of Pakistan’s Builders Mall in the booming retail market makes it a commercially viable opportunity to invest in.

With investments starting from Rs17Lac only, the fastest-selling project in the Twin Cities also offers

  • 1-year easy installment plan
  • 25% down payment
  • 25+% Profits
  • Seamless buyback policy
  • Safe and secure investment

An investment in real estate is always an ambitious decision. However, investing in Imarat Builders Mall is a unique proposition that ensures a secure present as well as a promising future for your family.

Own your Retail Outlet

If you are part of the construction sector and are looking for the right opportunity to grow your income, Imarat Builders Mall is the best option to help you forge the right future.

With Imarat Builders Mall, own your retail outlet.

This opportunity gives you a chance to run your business outlet within Pakistan’s biggest builders mall, all set to become the hub of all construction material.

Whether you choose to sell imported material or local products, set up a showroom or a consultancy firm, Imarat Builders Mall is the best platform to opt for.

  • We should also have such a mall in Karachi, just like Walmart. Where we can find things from nails/screws to power tools and things like that. All under the hood.

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