Pakistan is Bulk Buying CH-4 Killer Drones From China

According to a report, Pakistan will deploy Chinese CH-4 drones, the Chinese version of the American MQ-9 Reaper, along the Line of Control (LOC) to thwart any infiltration from the Eastern border.

The report has rung alarm bells in India as Pakistan is procuring CH-4 drones in bulk from China.


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It adds that Pakistan recently sent a 10 member team led by Brigadier Zafar Iqbal to China to finalize the minor details and initiate the procurement procedure from Aerospace Long-March International Trade Company (ALIT).

Brigadier Iqbal had previously visited China in December last year to oversee the factory acceptance test of CH-4 drones.

In 2018, Pakistan had also acquired 48 Wing Loong-II drones from China to consolidate its defensive capabilities.


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A bit about CH-4

There are 2 versions of CH-4 drones; CH-4A and CH-4B.

A CH-4 drone can carry 6 weapons and has a payload capacity of 345Kgs. It can fire air-to-ground missiles from a height of 16,000 feet.

  • Can we build anything on our own or we are just importing from China, America and Turkey?. Where is our own Pride of Made in Pakistan?.

    • research aur development pe pese lagtay h failures hotay h nuqsan hota h phr ja k pride of made in Pakistan hota h budget pe saray nazrein rakh k bethay hotay h us budget m yahi hota h shukr krain isi m filhal

    • yes exactly. Where is our own drone?. Why we are importing something when we can develop it locally. Our Army is getting lazier day by day. We have no pride left.

  • these drone are long range like 3500–5000 km range and a 30- to 40-hour endurance
    those are not to fight with india i think
    these kind of model usa use to regulate the canada – us border
    specially for smugglers
    i think Pakistani having these drone for Afghanistan border petrol
    with that range long we only need only 3 to 4 small air bases
    to cater the all border

  • recently it was reported NATO produced their own version of drone at an exorbitant price tag of 100 million dollars. Don’t know what Chinese drone will cost.

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