In Conversation With Sunny Ali, Founder and CEO of Extreme Commerce

Until a couple of years ago, opening accounts and stores on PayPal and Amazon from Pakistan was considered impossible. When Sunny Ali, a Malaysia-based Pakistani entrepreneur, brought the idea of earning from Amazon to Pakistan in 2017, he was ridiculed.

Today, his Extreme Commerce platform has close to a million users where e-commerce activity of over USD 350 million has been performed to date.

Born in a small town of Karachi, Sunny is the Founder and CEO of Extreme Commence, a platform to train Pakistani youth in the field of e-commerce business over Amazon.

Extreme Commence aims to acquaint young Pakistanis with Amazon and its various functions, and empower them to become a part of it and cash in on its multiple income streams for steady earnings.

Sunny gave some very critical insights into how Pakistani youth is capitalizing on Amazon amid the current wave of pandemic and unemployment.

He elaborates on how people can invest in building their own Amazon stores, learn a variety of Amazon services, and sell both for lucrative profits. Convinced that e-commerce – which grew to as high as 40% during the outbreak from the pre-Covid 15% – will only grow in the near future, Sunny says it’s high time Pakistanis started exploring the endless possibilities on Amazon.

ProPakistani got an opportunity to talk to Sunny about his Extreme Commerce initiative and how it was possible for the Pakistani youth to get familiarized with and earn from numerous income streams on Amazon’s mammoth e-commerce service.

Below is how the conversation went:

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