PIA Will Appeal to European Flight Safety Agency to Lift The Ban

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to lodge an appeal with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) against the ban on its flight operations.

EASA had suspended PIA flights for all European countries for six months following the dubious pilot license scandal nearly two months ago.

Sources say that the national flag carrier has prepared the draft of the appeal which will be shared with the Aviation Division before submitting it to Europe’s flight safety agency.


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Following the suspension, EASA had Pakistani authorities clarify 11 points with a safety management system (SMS) being the most important one.

The agency had also sought details on how Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CCA) functions, how it issues commercial pilot licenses to applicants, and how the candidates solve their examination papers.

It also asked details about the number of aircraft being operated by PIA and how the airline maintains its safety.

PIA’s appeal also contains details of major plane crashes over the past five years and the measures taken to avoid such mishaps in the future.

The appeal also highlights how the national airline intends to implement a safety management system by acquiring the best system in the world. It also informs that PIA is replacing ten old aircraft in its fleet with the new ones.


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  • How many times they’re gonna face the humiliation of rejection? just last week EASA threw the appeal out in just one hearing. Enforce international best practices in the org first then do the appealing. so appalling this leadership

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