PEMRA Suspends News Channel’s License for Airing Hateful Content on 10th Muharram

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has suspended the license of 24 News HD for broadcasting hateful content during the special transmission on 10th Muharram.

The media watchdog later issued a press release saying that the transmission of 24 News was suspended for airing ‘hate inciting content’ against PEMRA rules.

On August 20, PEMRA had issued an advisory for all TV channels, directing them not to broadcast any material that would harm inter-faith harmony or was based on sectarianism and inciting hate.

However, the said TV channel disregarded the media advisory and aired hateful content during the special transmission of Ashura without exercising any editorial control.


PEMRA Issues Show-Cause to a TV Channel Over Fake News Against Foreign Minister

The regulatory body said that it acted after receiving multiple complaints against the channel and suspended its license under Section 30, Clause 3 of the PEMRA Ordinance 2002.

The authority has also served a show-cause notice to the channel, seeking a response within 14 days. The license, however, will remain suspended till the completion of the inquiry.

    • Musalman ka Musalman per laanat bhejna haraam hai. Agarche jis per laanat bheji ja rahi ho woh gunehgaar hi Q na ho… Nabi Kareem (SAWW) k daur mai aik sharaabi par kisi ne laanat bheji to Aap (SAWW) ne farmaya: “La tala’nu” “Is per laanat na bhejo”. Sahih Bukhaari …
      Sirf aam laanat bheji ja sakti hai kisi khaas shakhs ka naam liye baghair…. Misaal k taur per Sharaabi aur Soodi per Laanat bheji gai hai. Sahih Muslim aur Abi Dawood mai hadees k mutaabiq.

      Yazeed se nafrat to ham sab krte hain, usne kaam hi aisa kiya laikin Q K laanat bhejne se mana kiya gaya hai to hume ijtenaab krna chahiye.

  • Eric logic rubbish .if an individual or group has committed an hateful act then it’s the right of the aggrieved person to beseech Allah SwT to withhold his blessing from such an individual or group

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