Qualcomm’s Budget 5G-Enabled Chips are Coming to Phones Soon

Now that 5G is already available in more affordable smartphones via mid-range 5G SoCs, Qualcomm is now looking to push its availability even further in 2021.


Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 690 With Support for 5G & 120Hz Displays

5G is available in Qualcomm’s cheaper SoCs including the 700 and some of the 600 series chipsets, but the American chipmaker will soon add support for it in 4 series chips as well. This will be a significant expansion for 5G as Qualcomm’s 4 series of chips are available in some of the cheapest Android phones available, some costing less than $200.

This will give the new network technology a much wider audience compared to before as currently, the cheapest 5G phones cost $300 and more.

Qualcomm has not provided any details for the upcoming 5G powered 4 series, for instance, what modem they will use, whether they will be integrated into the chipset, will require a standalone unit or not, or if they’ll support mmWave networks or just sub-6GHz ones, etc.

More details on the upcoming Snapdragon 400 chips will arrive soon as Qualcomm believes that the first wave of phone releases will happen in Q1, 2021. Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, and a few others will be the first ones to take advantage of the new Snapdragon 400 5G chips.