Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Drove a Race Car Thousands of Miles Away

Xiaomi unveiled its most extreme flagship, the Mi 10 Ultra last month, but sadly it will not be making it to the international market despite being one of the best premium phones you can buy in 2020.

However, the Chinese brand is continuously showing off interesting features for the handset and now they have unveiled how it can remotely control a car from several thousand miles away.


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Xiaomi shared a teaser poster and a video on Weibo that shows how a Mi 10 Ultra can do so using 5G. In the video, a professional driver used the Mi 10 Ultra to control a car from 2000 miles away and raced on a track against a normally driven car. Check out the video below.

Xiaomi says that this was made possible through 5G with a delay as low as 1ms. The car was specifically built for this purpose and was working with an app designed for this demonstration.

The video tries to show that the remotely controlled car won the race, but it looks more like a marketing trick. Regardless, the impeccable control shown in the video shows how much closer we are to seeing remotely controlled cars in the future.