PM House’s Expenses Have Fallen by 68 Percent in 2019-2020

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reduced the expenses of the PM House by more than half under his austerity drive.

It was one of PM Khan’s electoral promises to reduce unnecessary expenditures of the government buildings, including the PM House, Presidency, and the Governor Houses. He reiterated the same in his victory speech post-2018 elections.


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And now, the numbers show that he has delivered on his promise – at least one of them – and adopted austerity measures.

As per details, the PM House spendings have reduced by up to 68 percent in the first two years. The expenses on staff and other things decreased from over Rs. 500 million in 2018 to a little over Rs. 310 million over the last two years (Rs. 155 million each year.)

When the incumbent government took control, the number of employees at the PM House was 522, which has now reduced to just 180. Since then, the expenses have also significantly shrunk as compared to the previous government’s expenditures in its last year.


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In January this year, PM Khan also ended Prime Minister and the President’s discretionary powers to hold camp offices in order to save millions of rupees in additional expenses. A constitutional amendment was introduced in this connection.