#RemoveCCPOLahore Trends As Umar Shiekh Blames Rape Victim in Motorway Incident

The horrendous motorway incident has shocked everyone and it’s hard to fathom the pain that the victim had to go through during such a brutal act of barbarism.

While everyone is furious over the incident, the Capital City Police Officer of Lahore, Umar Sheikh, has blamed the victim for not taking precautions instead of taking the blame and promising to catch the absconders.

In a telephonic conversation with a local news channel, the top Police officer said that a lone driver, who is a mother of three, should have used GT Road for traveling to Gujranwala. Even if the woman wanted to take motorway, she should have at least checked the petrol in her car, the officer noted.


IG Punjab Removed Over Differences with CCPO

While the victim should have been more careful, the CCPO’s remarks have come at the wrong time, enraging everyone with his words. Following his comments, #RemoveCCPOLahore is a top trend on Twitter in the country as the nation demands him to step down from his post.

Let’s have a look at what people are saying about the issue:

It is worth mentioning that the previous IG Punjab, Shoaib Dastagir, stepped down from his post because he didn’t want Umar Shaikh as CCPO Lahore. His resignation was accepted by Prime Minister Imran Khan as the federal government appointed Inam Ghani as the new IG Punjab.

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  • Shaikh sahab ki apni biwi k sath aisa hota to dekhte
    Ab tak to shaikh sahab badle ki aag mein jhulas rahe hote k rapist milen to saalon ko bhoon k rakh dun
    Pata nahin hum tax de kar kis ko paal rahe hain is se acha to hum kutte paal len jo maalik se wafadari to karen ge kam se kam

  • I don’t think any sane & educated person can make such a comment. It might be propaganda/fake news. But if it’s true then he should be definitely fired for not having common sense, & thus dereliction of duty.

    • @A What she was doing at night on the motorway and that too alone?. Izzat Daar aurtain ghar main rahti hain shaam kay baad. Why she was traveling without a Mehram?. Traveling without a mehram can attract attention of men.

  • I am a Pukhtoon and I have seen many times that Punjabi women act in a way that attracts us towards them. There is a reason that we have to implement Purdah. Dont blame PTI administration or anyone for this mishap. Why a women left her house at 12:30 at night. Can you imagine a Pukhtoon woman doing like that?. Only Punjabi women can be seen at night driving alone.

    • @Pukhtoon – PTI your leader Imran Khan loves CCPO Punjab as well. He is blaming the women as well. Anyway 80-90 percent men of Pakistan show the same mentality that you are showing right now. Learn from Europe and America. Women can travel anywhere even at night. It is not the Woman but the dirty mindset of men is to blame for such acts.

    • Mjhe to tumhari soch aur un ghatiya rapists mai koi fark nai nazar araha…. Aurat jaisi bhi harkat kare Allah ne tumse uska nahi poochna. Laikin jab tum apni nazro ki hifaazat nahi kar sako ge to uska Qayamat k din Allah tumse zaroor pooche ga. (Yeh hukam mardo ko Quran mai bhi Allah ne diya hai k nazre neechi kare mard aur apne aapko bachae)… Haan phir qayamat k din Allah k saamne zara yeh jawaab de k daikhna aage phir hota kiya hai tumhare saath.

    • I’m also a proud Pukhtoon but u are simply a BLOODY MORON. I think u aren’t even Pukhtoon, u are some paid stooge playing the racism card out of nowhere. Who the hell are u to do moral policing and victim blaming? U should be ashamed of urself lanti insan. We need to unite to crush this mentality.
      Da khar bachiya!

    • Why woman go at night and why husband leave woman and child alone without driver. Woman should be at home on day cooking and cleaning.
      I don’t like CCPO but I agree with his statements. She no go at night.
      This is all because of Niazi not doing right job. If Sharif here then this no should have happened.

  • You can never imagine any such incident on European motorways. This means it has to do with society as well. In Europe no one blames women for driving alone or going out alone. Changing the mindset of the Pakistani men and strong police can only change the situation.

  • is dakkan ko lagaya kis ne eik playboy ne bake akalmand ke liye ishara kaafe. Dead to imran zani playboy, only he is responsible for this. Punjabi digge pendu police nai sambal rahe isse shame shame.

    • @pro Karachite any reason to pass racist comment on Punjabis?. You know low level racist Urdu speakers call Punjabis as Digge to show disgust. Also Mr Urdu speaker CCPO Punjab is a Seraiki and not a Punjabi. You all racists Baloch, Urdu speakers and Seraikis are actually destroying Punjab. Imran Khan is racist to the core and he is removing all Punjabis from top posts and replacing them Seraiki Khans and Balochs in Punjab.

      • Yes he is getting clean bowled all of Punjabis, just as Sharif Bae was doing.
        BTW we are all Pakistanis and we all should get positions based on merit and not just who belongs where.

        Also, do not forget that racism is everywhere and even Punjabi’s have names for all the other people of Pakistan.

        So get in the program otherwise there is Indian Punjab you can go to.

  • It is a normal practice to check fuel water,Engine Oil and Battery condition when anybody plan to travel for a long distance.
    When somebody plan to travel at night special attention required to pay towards safety of the persons and the vehicle.
    In all the world the government of their countries are instructing to the people to take safety precaution from the attack of corona.Similarly it was responsibility of the victame lady to satisfy herself from all aspects.

    • Mr Jaafri stop this nonsense of blaming women that she did not prepared enough. I am a guy but let me tell you that you all are idiots.
      The real issue is that why Pakistan that is claiming to be 97% Muslim is so insecure for women. if some women go alone at night then anyone can harm them?. What type of SICK SOCIETY is this where men have no control?. Why Women can walk freely in west but in Islamic countries people are justifying crimes with them by stating that what they were doing at night?. Insaaniat aur Mazhab Islaaam kidher giya?.

  • Government is supposed to provide the assistance or help if the any person male/female is required help. it can be happen to anyone in any situation. The Rapist must be hang in front of public untill death like saudia. IS KEY BAGHAIR KOI CHARA NHIN.

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