K-Electric Warns to Move International Court of Arbitration Against NEPRA

K-Electric’s administration has unequivocally warned National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to turn to the International Court of Arbitration in case the latter scraps the former’s exclusivity in Karachi that will expire in 2023.

In a letter directed to the Federal Minister for Privatization Minister, Mohammed Mian Soomro, the Chairman of K-Electric’s Board of Directors (BoD), Shan Ashary, has argued that NEPRA’s action will also impede the acquisition process of Shanghai Electric Power (SEP), depriving Karachi of multi-billion dollar investment.


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NEPRA terminating K-Electric’s exclusivity prematurely will deter foreign investors from perceiving Pakistan as an investment destination in the years to come.

K-Electric has claimed that NEPRA is contemplating to terminate its exclusivity in Karachi under the support of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court extended during the suo moto hearing against the electricity supplier.

Chairman of K-Electric’s BoD has called on the federal government to take appropriate actions to address the concerns of Karachi’s sole electricity supplier.

Besides, Ashary has forwarded the letter to the Prime Minister Imran Khan, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Affairs, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh, Federal Minister for Planning, Development, Reforms and Special Initiatives, Asad Umar, Federal Minister for Energy, Omar Ayub Khan, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Petroleum, Nadeem Babar, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister on Power, Shahzad Qasim, Attorney General of Pakistan, Chairman Board of Investment, and Registrar NEPRA.


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Moreover, K-Electric is planning to add 900 MW to its generation capacity before the next summer season. It has anticipated a severe electricity shortfall in Karachi during summers in case NEPRA moves ahead with its plan.

KES Power Limited (KESPL), K-Electric’s parent company, has so far $700 million in Karachi which makes it the largest Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan from a private company.

KESPL has also reinvested all profits made since 2005, which has enabled K-Electric to invest CapEx worth $3.3 billion in the last 15 years.

  • Kelectric has been a nuisance to deal with so far, and we Karachites deserve better!
    We have constant load shedding every day for at least 4 hours in areas like Clifton block 2.
    Excuses and excuses but no solution so far.
    I can’t believe these horrible monsters have the audacity to blackmail by threatening more load shedding in the city.

  • K-electric is completely failed and this is the group of traitors and killers in fact this is the group of RAW agents who is making fool. This company took 15 years but didn’t do anything in power and energy sector of Karachi except selling their generators and batteries to poor peoples who are doing the jobs. We want to kick this useless company from everywhere and need better suppliers not only one at least 4-5 suppliers to make it perfect solution for peoples.

  • Since KE is not living upto their commitment of fulfilling needs of Karachi electricity supply as per their contract, NEPRA has every right to take appropriate action, and there should be a strict one.

  • We are being held hostages by KE for decades. What kind of agreement has been signed by previous government should be made known to public and those responsible for this situation should be severely punished. Why are we not setting example for the looters. Who is the government protecting.

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