Wikipedia is Finally Getting a Makeover After a Decade

Wikipedia, everyone’s one-stop spot for their quick google searches is finally getting a redesign for the first time in 10 years. The move is aimed towards making the internet’s crowd-sourced encyclopedia more approachable for new users.


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You can browse the incoming features and changes already by following this link. There are plenty of GIFs and still images to demonstrate what’s coming to the new and reworked Wikipedia website. One of the best features is the new “Table of Contents” drop-down menu at the top right corner which makes it a lot easier to skip past certain parts of the page and go right where you want to go.

A collapsable sidebar will be one of the new changes in the initial rollout. This will let people minimize distractions around the screen, remove irrelevant content, and focus on what they are looking at. There will also be a new button to easily switch between languages. Wikipedia will add a new search tool as well to make it easier to find content and the logo has been made smaller on each page.

The website’s parent company Wikimedia Foundation has said that these changes will roll out “incrementally over a long period of time,” and that they are planning to completely change the look of the desktop version by 2021. The company did not say anything about the Mobile version.