Realme Announces the World’s First SLED Smart TV

Chinese phone maker Realme has announced the world’s first 4K Smart TV using SLED technology. The TV is not available yet and more details will arrive shortly, but Realme has given us a peek at the new technology that should be an interesting alternative to Samsung’s QLED TVs.


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The TV will come in a 55-inch model equipped with the new SLED panel that claims to cover 108% of the NTSC color spectrum. At the same time, it will keep blue light emissions under control which is certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Realme announces world's first SLED smart TV, more details to follow soon

The new SLED technology is based on the tried and tested LCD formula, but uses innovative backlighting. LCDs use white backlighting which is then fed through RGB filters to create a color output, but SLED panels use red, green, and blue LED backlighting instead to create a triplet. This helps get the optimal wavelength for each color, allowing the panel to render a wider color spectrum and improve the overall image quality.

However, it is still an LCD, so it uses polarizers and a liquid crystal layer as well.

The company believes that SLED technology is the answer to QLED’s shortcomings and should help trump competitors with QLED TVs in the market such as Samsung and OnePlus.

There’s no word on availability in Pakistan or prices yet, we’ll keep you posted as more info comes in.

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