NEPRA Claims K-Electric is Intentionally Not Operating Plants on Diesel During Power Crisis

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has revealed that K-Electric failed to operate two of its power plants on diesel during the power crisis.

According to the documents of the power regulator, K-electric is license-bound to run two of its power plants – Bin Qasim Power Plant-II (BQPS-II) and Korangi plant – on diesel in case of gas shortage.

In its report from March 2019, NEPRA had directed Karachi’s sole power supplier to use diesel as an alternate fuel for these two power plants.


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Furthermore, light diesel oil could also be used to operate the Bin Qasim Power Plant-I.

Experts blamed NEPRA for failing to ensure that the K-Electric ran its power plants at full capacity to avoid load-shedding in Karachi, as per the generation license bindings.

K-Electric, however, maintains that the small power units can only be run on natural gas and not diesel.


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On September 23, K-electric announced to further extend the duration of load shedding in the port city due to low gas pressure.

The duration of the power outage in several areas has gone up to 15 hours, while the areas previously exempted from load-shedding are also experiencing five hours of outage daily.

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