Toyota IMC Reverts to Old Production Schedule, Aims to Increase Capacity

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) has officially announced today that they will be reverting back to their double shift operation schedule. The automaker broke the news via an ad that they released to a media outlet, whereby they also announced that the induction process for additional manpower to ramp up production has also begun.

6 months ago, following the Covid-19 outbreak, Toyota IMC, along with several other automakers in Pakistan had to shut down its production completely. Soon after the lockdown was eased, Toyota IMC restarted a single shift production schedule to get back up to speed.


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Last month, Toyota IMC announced that it will be moving back to the double shift production schedule in the near future. With the double shift schedule, Toyota IMC boasts a production capacity of 66,000 vehicles per year. However, in the same announcement, Toyota IMC also revealed its goal to ramp the production of its vehicles up to 80,000 units per year.

This is being done due to the rising demand for vehicles following the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown. Reports say that the goal is also to reduce the current delivery/lead time on all models being made and sold by the automaker.

A month prior, Topline Research analyst, Hammad Akram, informed that management at Toyota IMC foresees the total market size of vehicle sales to increase up to 185,000 units during the financial year (FY) 2020-21.

He highlighted that the production figure might even go up to 200,000 units given the current demand and IMC’s aim to introduce new vehicles in the current lineup, along with the increase in production.


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Toyota IMC has assured in the announcement that all necessary measures are being taken to ensure a safe working environment. The automaker has enjoyed a great degree of success with the launch of their new compact sedan i.e. the Yaris. With the demand for vehicles rising each day, things certainly look promising for the Toyota IMC’s future.