FIA to Investigate Scammers Who Looted $200,000 from PIA

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has launched an investigation against Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) officials for embezzling $200,000 from the national exchequer.

According to details, the PIA administration referred the case to FIA after it unearthed the scam in the procurement of tyres for aircraft in 2017.


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A spokesperson for the PIA, while explaining the scam, said that an international company claiming to be a distributor of another foreign company called Gadair signed an agreement with PIA for supplying aircraft tyres worth $200,000.

The owner of the company claiming to be a distributor of Gadair, Raja Masood, even furnished a letter of authority from Gadair to the PIA before consummating the deal.

When contacted by the PIA after non-delivery of the tyres despite payment, Gadair informed the national carrier that it has no representatives and deals with airlines directly.


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The spokesperson added that the case has been forwarded to the FIA after establishing the role of PIA officials in the procurement scam.

CEO PIA Arshad Malik has said that all PIA officials incurring huge losses to the national carrier will be strictly dealt with.

  • If real investigation ever done, procurement and engineering department of PIA is fully occupied by most corrupt officials who are working like termite and making the organization a hollow pillar which can any time fall down.

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