Serene Air Flight Escapes Disaster After Engine Failure & Crash Landing in Karachi

An Islamabad-bound private airline flight nearly escaped disaster after one of its engines failed mid-air.

As per details, Serene Air flight’s captain had to make an emergency landing back at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport after the aircraft engine failed soon after it took off.


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Sources said that during the flight, there was a sudden shortage of oxygen in the cabin, which caused difficulty in breathing for passengers.

The passengers informed the air hosts about the lack of oxygen. Later, they were informed that the aircraft would land back in Karachi due to a technical fault in the engine, which caused a ruckus in the flight.


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According to sources, the said aircraft was the Airbus 330, recently added to the fleet of the airline.

The airline management said that Engine One of the aircraft had suddenly broken down due to which the flight was diverted to Karachi. As soon as the technical fault is removed, the passengers will be sent to Islamabad.

The incident occurred a month after one of Serene Air’s Karachi-bound flight made an emergency landing in Islamabad after developing a fault at 25,000 feet above ground within Faisalabad airspace. The flight E503 had taken off from the federal capital and was returned due to a technical glitch.

  • I was in this flight yesterday: ER-504.
    There was no ruckus in the flight and the situation was handled professionally by the captain and crew. We landed normally and safely. The heading though catchy is quite misleading.

    • Sadly our journalist totally lack professionalism and ethics and have no knowledge to differentiate between an engine out landing and a crash landing. All they are interested is in sensationlization of news.

  • Cant find “Crash Landed” written in the article. Why do you have to write crash landed in the heading? I mean there should be some limit of yellow journalism.

  • Yellow journalists are a dime a dozen, disgusting .
    Credibility of the site is now zilch

  • Professional handling of inflight emergency by pilot, cabin crew and engineers of Serene is highly appreciated
    Well done
    I hope that our journalist learn how to appreciate and share facts with people of Pakistan
    Thanx Serene for leading through professionalism

  • Thanks to Allah major accident was averted. It speaks of low maintenance and safety standards of airline. Such faults are attributed to human errors or omissions of engineering guidelines. CAA must investigate the cause.

  • These modern jets can easily fly for three hours on one engine. But it’s good the the pilot didn’t took risk and safly landed back.
    I think it is lack of knowledge about about airplanes on the part of the writer, than anything else.

  • Serene management please upgrade your maintenance standards including training of ground and flight deck operations.

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