KP Assembly’s Female MPAs Are More Punctual Than Men

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly Secretariat has issued the attendance log for the past two parliamentary years, revealing that the women Members of Provincial Assembly (MPAs) have a better attendance ratio compared to their male counterparts.

The log highlights that prominent lawmakers of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), including Chief Minister, Mahmood Khan, Atif Khan, Education Minister, Shahram Khan Tarakai, and Amjid Afridi, didn’t attend most of the sessions.

The attendance remained normal for the first two sessions of the assembly. However, during the third session, Idrees Khan and Fahim Khan remained absent for eight days while Ahmed Kundi completely missed the fourth sitting of the assembly.


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CM Mahmood Khan and other lawmakers, including Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Arif, and Muhammad Afridi, missed five sittings of the fourth session, while Agha Gandapur and Aisha remained absent for six days.

During the fifth session of the house, PTI lawmaker, Ali Tarakai, did not show up at all, while Tufail Anjum, Taimur Jhagra, Amjid Afridi, Sitra Afrin missed it for six days.

Similarly, lawmakers, including Malik Badshah Saleh, Faisal Zaman, Muhammad Idrees, Jhagra, Maleha Asghar, and Tarkai, skipped the seventh session for seven days.

Once again, the Chief Minister did not attend the eighth session, followed by Faisal Zaman, Ali Tarkai, and Jhagra, who remained absent for nine days.


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The CM attended some sittings of the ninth session, but as many as 34 lawmakers remained absent during most of the session.

Mahmood Khan also missed the tenth, eleventh and twelfth sessions of the house. Moreover, PTI lawmakers, including Shakeel Ahmad, Ali Tarkai, Shahram Tarakai, Muhammad Atif, Zahir Shah, Ghazan Jamal, Muhammad Iqbal, Nasirullah did not attend the eleventh session at all.

Most of them were also absent from the twelfth and thirteenth session of the provincial assembly.

KP is the first assembly to have installed the biometric attendance system. However, several provincial legislators still prefer the manual way for attendance.