K-Electric Customers Will Now be Charged At Par With DISCOs in Other Cities

The Ministry of Energy (Power Division) has raised Karachi’s power tariff to bring it on par with the rest of the country. Following the move, the power consumers of the port city will now pay the same tariff as consumers of other DISCOs across the country.

As per the Power Division’s notification, the decision is in line with the Government of Pakistan’s (GoP) uniform tariff policy.


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The tariff, approved by the Cabinet Division, will have no impact on the vulnerable consumer segment (usage up to 300 units per month). This decision will save around 1.5 million non-Time of Use (ToU) consumers, it said.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) had approved an increase of Rs. 4.87 per kWh in December 2019 in the KE tariff. However, an Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) meeting on March 26, 2020, decided that the maximum impact on customers will be up to Rs. 2.89 per unit. The rest of the increase will be adjusted through Tariff Differential Claims.


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The tariff hike will range from Rs. 1.09 to Rs. 2.89 for different slabs of consumers and will be effective from September 1.

Ahead of this move, K-Electric tariff was lower than that of other DISCOs, which has now been aligned with the rest of them.

  • Thanks to Tabish Gohar and other KE Ally who are now part of the system through their special position. Another step towards making Shanghai deal profitable for chinese

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