Punjab Education Minister Clarifies Position on School Closure Amid Rising Cases

Despite the recent rise in Coronavirus cases, educational institutes will remain open, Education Minister Punjab, Dr. Murad Raas, has confirmed.

Taking to Twitter, Dr. Murad said that the provincial government is closely monitoring the situation on a daily basis, adding that the random COVID-19 tests are being conducted in schools and colleges as well.


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However, the Punjab government isn’t considering shutting down schools across the province based on the current Coronavirus situation.

Terming the increase in Coronavirus cases as ‘nothing alarming,’ Dr. Murad urged the public to follow SOPs to curb the resurgence of the viral infection.

On the other hand, Twitterati are calling on the provincial government to shut down the educational institutes amid rising Coronavirus cases.



Last week, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), amid the rising Coronavirus cases across Pakistan, had again declared facemasks as compulsory for all citizens.


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Moreover, the NCOC had also reinstated the old business hours that were imposed during the national lockdown.

In the last 24 hours, Pakistan has reported 1,123 cases and 12 deaths due to the Coronavirus cases.


  • Already all indicators point towards outbreak of 2nd wave. We must be careful as our economy is already in shambles. Therefore, closing down the school looks a better option. Even otherwise most of the parents won’t take risk of lives of their children.

  • please close school because our childrens in danger due to crona😥😓🤒🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I’m a student myself but I don’t think Government needs to close schools…..as long as SOPs are being followed, everything seems good

  • It’s totally insane that the Punjab government opts for not closing the schools despite of the life risk prevailing in the form of covid-19 through out the province.

  • Good decision by the government. Children are less prone to severe covid attack, most of the cases will be asymptotic. People should not panic and spent money on better immunity and healthy diet in order to minimize the chances of covid severity.

  • Keep your dirty politics to yourself. Why are you guys playing with lives of innocent kids. Teachers have also worked hard to provide online teaching. There are even losing lives. Have some shame.

  • Studies are important but not at the cost of student’s life ,,,, govt should close the school b4 it’s too late ,,,,,
    First they let the virus to spread at its maximum peak then they impose the lock down as they did earlier ….. Weird

  • I request that the school should be closed and take care of yourself and your children’s health and be safe.

  • you should raise this issue on Tv so that they might take any action bcz studies are not so imp than us we are the future of Pakistan so plzzzz kindly take. care of yourselves and children also its not a joke its a serious issue kindlyyyyy plzzzz

  • Please a close the schools as lives of children are much more important than anything else

  • It is one of the reason that government is not closing schools and they are playing with our kids lives ruthlessly I want this government to say GOODBYE and even ready to replace it by PP.what they are doing with our children.so shamefull…

  • close