PUBG Mobile Officially Pulls Out of India After a Complete Ban

Back in September, The Ministry of Electronics & IT of India banned 118 mobile apps which also included the popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile. Following the ban, PUBG Corporation tried time and time again to get the game back on track, but after numerous failed attempts, the company has announced that they are giving up and terminating all service and access to Indian users.


Here’s What’s New in PUBG Mobile’s Massive New Update

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite stopped working in India yesterday. At first, it was only a few maps, but then the game was banned completely after a while.

The rights of PUBG Mobile will be returned to their intellectual property owners and Tencent will no longer have rights to the PUBG franchise in India. It is unclear what PUBG corporation will do with player data. There is no official word on whether it will be deleted or preserved, or in what manner.

The ban is a part of India’s second wave of app bans. The first wave started in June where the country banned Chinese apps such as  TikTok, WeChat, and some apps related to Xiaomi including a community and video calling app.

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  • I’m from India I am a Pubg player and I support the ban done by our government BTW I played pubg and I loved the game, was training for esports to become an esports player and represent India to international level but when it was banned I broked from inside and become mad but if pubgm broke their relation with tencent. I definitely sure that the government will understand and bring it back afterall when pubgm will come back in India I will definitely represent my country to national and international level 😊😊🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳#India #Jai Hind

    • Venom , bro you are totally correct , no I am not going to eSports ( bcoz I am a csgo player ) but I support you . After pubgm gets unbanned and if you succeed not even me , india be also be proud of you …. #India#Jai Hind

  • Guys it isn’t ban yet the servers are still up and running here in India ,but i hope it gets completely banned soon 🤣🤣, I have spend like 2 years on this game but it didn’t effect a bit when the government put a ban on PUBG-M

  • Yrrr kuch bhi news mat post kiya kro sab work kr rha hai game or isse ban hi krna cahiye na jane kab tak issi game ke chakkar mai hamara data dusre desho tak pauche ga or hamara yaha ke youth ko barbadh krega

  • I am a Indian man But Heart and sole I would like to say and request that PUBG should be fully baned that Indian children not safe from this Game

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