Education Ministers Called Up to Decide on Early Winter Vacations for Schools

Federal Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Shafqat Mahmood, has called another special meeting of the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference (IPEMC) amid rising coronavirus cases.

The pandemic situation in the education sector and the possibility of early and extended winter break will be discussed in detail in the meeting scheduled for Monday, 16th November, at 11 am at National Command and Operation Center’s (NCOC).

Letters have been issued to all provincial education ministers in this regard.


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Earlier today, the Federal Minister for Planning, Asad Umar, who also heads the government’s response to COVID-19, recommended early and extended winter vacations this year. The recommendation came during the NCOC meeting.

The forum, taking into account a rising positivity ratio, has suggested early and extended winter vacations to ensure the safety and health of students.


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The forum was informed about the rising positivity ratio at educational institutions. The NCOC decided to call an IPEMC meeting on Monday and discuss the matter in detail.

Notably, the provincial education ministers meeting last week had decided against taking early winter vacations. Reportedly, Sindh and Punjab ministers had announced no winter break at all.

  • Plz shut all schools and colleges. They are nothing but a hub of the virus. Online class is the new normal till the next year.
    FYI I’m a student and my college is closed due to multiple covid cases and now we take our classes on zoom.

  • Our children’s life is more precious than studies. It is a suggestion from the parents that schools and colleges should be closed.
    May Allah protect all of us from this pandemic.

    • COVID-19 will always be there. He will just have to live with it. Even with a vaccine the virus won’t go. You can clearly see it for your self that almost all past viruses still exist. We have also seen in 2020 re-emergence of Bubonic Plague a plague from 14th centaury.

  • I admit the fact that markets and other public places are also responsible for the spread of virus but schools and collages have allowed this virus to reach those sensible people who were safe from it. Children can never follow the sops up to the mark. During recess time there is a great view of sops getting notorious. Allah is the only one who can save us but it is also Allah who has given us command to to work according to some strategies. #ShutSchools&Collages. #OnlineStudyIsFuture&Fortune.

  • Plz close schools and colleges specifically younger children can’t follow sops that much so plz don’t endanger life of students

  • Students zinda rahen gy to Studies krengy na ,, in my family , there are 3 kids and 4 teenagers attending school n college Inna regular base ,,,, but regular ho e nhi paatay qn k her do din bad they are suffering from fever …… School vans MN 10 bacho ki jgha hoti ha or bachay 30 hotay hyn …. Pta nhi ajeeeb hukkoomat k Kam hyn ,,,,,, Bhai bnd krdo ,,, exams traditional way MN Len or bssss

  • We all would be grateful to you if u will close the schools becoz the life of children is more imp

  • Plz shut the school’s zindagi k sath sab kuch h,ab to bohat.zeda virus spread up ho gya h…ab ye to koi ni janta k normally nazla h ya virus plz it’s request buchon ke jan bohat qemti h.

  • There is no need to close schools. There is no issue of virus in schools and colleges. Already our kids and youngins have suffered enough. Only fools will now think of the closure and stupids are showing love for their children. They will all go to enjoy the vacations and at time there will be no virus.

  • Plz shut down all schools as our children life’s are more precious to us than studies as more cases have been grown by opening schools as those people are fool that take their child’s life lightly

  • Honestly online study is not a study but we are more concerned about the life of our children.

  • Yeah. Its clear that the viruse spreading day by day but we have to live it now, as no one can tell that how long this virus will take to go.

    • May Allah always help muslims so we are muslims we are believed died and life .finally we know about of virus but Allah blessed my country pakistan .just we care of doctor suggestion .Inshallah we will beat this virus

  • Schools should not be closed because education is very important.Education teaches us how to handle the crucial situations.

  • مجھے سکول بند ہونے کا کوئی ڈر نہیں صرف ڈر اس بات کا ہے پرائیویٹ اساتذہ کرام کا گزارہ بہت مشکل ہو جاتا ہے ان کا سوچ کر سکول بند کریں

  • Please close all the schools, they are the main cause for the rise in Corona cases again. Most students never follow the SOP’s, moreover being in Lahore there is also the smog issue here.

  • Why meeting on monday, why so late, whay our ministers schedule urgent meeting for kids, Mr shafqat mahmood favoring school mafia from day one

  • World created too much hype of corona to shut the economy I am not denying that there is no coronavirus but see the cases number and compare it to the world population it is just a fraction it seems it’s just a big plan to close all the world on a new world order

  • Schools are not the only place… take that into consideration that this is worldwide pandemic and we can survive with that. Schools should remain open at least the secondary one


  • Please please never decide to close the schools again it would be a destructive decision for our new generation. It will be a decision for getting dark future. Please follow sops.

  • Only schools that are displaying covid cases should be shut down.
    The future of students who are following SOPs should not be decided by those who refuse to adhere to them. I am a student and my school has had no case of COVID-19 so it is my firm belief that those who are following the guidelines and have no cases should be allowed to continue as per schedule.


  • Plz our children are more important than education close the school and college for next three months.

    • Yes primary schools tak regular kr diye gaye hain. Allah ka khouf karen bachay kaisay sops follow kr saktay hain.Aik bacha ghr baith bhi jaye tou baki joint family k bachay ja rahay hain us ka kia plz shut all schools

  • As cases growing day by day, study is very important, no one denying it, learning is continuous process, but health is first peroriorty for doing progress in every field, may
    ALLAH blessed us so we can overcome this situation

  • Allah ka wasta hy bnd kr dain school ap logon k apne issues ni resolve ho ry to ap log kya smbhal skty hain ksiko itne halaaat khrab hain ye jo minister hy hr br e fake tweet ki stamp lga k hmare bchn ko moat k moo mai bj ra hy itne itne developed countries mai lockdown ho gya hy Pakistan jo hr lehaaz sy peechy hy ak school uni wgera off kr k ap log kya proof krna chahte hain abi phr bat ajai ge k meeting ki news b fake hy hd hy ksm sy

  • Sorry to say but I m a teacher at a private school….we did follow sops strictly …even break is only for 10 min duration…inside school there is no threat of spreading virus but outside ….virus spread in nazar,shopping malls , restaurant and also at wedding venues….stop making excuses to shut school r colleges ….for how many days r months u keep ur self and ur child locked in homes …. seriously we should learn and spread awareness to our chils not to be locked I’m homes is a good suggestion in my thoughts ….u r just playing with ur child future ….

  • Can any body tell us that corona is only schools and colleges??????????
    It’s not in shopping malls, sales places,food markets…..
    It’s allll rubbish….my children go to school but I don’t wanna school to be closed…..
    It’s allll planing to destroy our generation….all lock downs only in pakistan not in any other place in world…becoz they r bzy in making their future life….but in pakistan our generation is bzi in tik tok n pubg……

  • See the number of cases and people who r following sops….Bache to follow kr rahe hain barre niii kr rahe lakin corona to kisi ko ni ho rha … is save place for children’s……no need to close schools…

  • Winter vacations?kon si winter jo abi thk aee kr day plzz.jb sae school khuly hai ap logo nai to pagal kr diya roz ak he news k school band ho rhy hai.plzz chalny dae nizam ko plzzz.koi sensible banda hai jo es closure k decision ko oppose ki vaja sae corona nhi phaila.dont close school.

  • Choty bachy ziada sops ko follow krthy hai.schools ko to appreciate krna chahiye k unho nai hr chiz follow ki jo govt nai kaha.chahy chota school hai ya bara.agr kisi b school mai govt ko msla lag rha hai to un ko band kary lakin sb ko band krna galat hai.kisi ak ki saza sb ko na day plzzz.nacho ko pharny bar agr school band huay to boht mushkil ho jaya ga dobara kholna.or europe mai sb kuch band hai lakin education sector khula hai.hamari taraf hr tafree khuli hoti hai or school band ho jaty hai.why

  • Students ki zindgi zyda zaroori ha online studies bhi bohot achay sy hoskti ha agr bacha prhne wala hou tou jou bachay nae prhty wo school bi nae prhty to please un bachon ki wjah sy itni qeemti jaanon ka khiyal krain taleem online bhi hasil ki jaa skti ha so it’s a humble requests from parents that please closs the schools!

  • I thinks its better to close school we cannot tak risk of small kids especially n.its winter time in punjab its to cold now we cannot make children to wash hands also

  • We have to live with covid 19 upto june 2021 or june 2022 once vaccine available so take a decision to keep this period in our mind we can’t close schools college and universities for longer period too
    We should increase awareness and follow SOP in society to minimize increase of covid 19

  • For God sake , we pakistani’s aren’t special , schools are openwd around the world but where these unfortunate kids doesn’t think about there future .

  • Exactly school need to be shut down… virtual learning is safe … its better safe than sorry… my kids got viral from school and now 3 ppl in my family including me r suffering from it… plz govt. need to understand that this is a sensitive matter🙏🏻

  • Hn I agree ka live is more important than everything lakin yaar ap log hum matric walon ka bhi tou socho na hmra kya banay ga….. December main hmry send ups hain aor syllabus abhi rehta ha…aor phir uper sa board ka papers bhi aa rhy hain 🙍🤦

  • Rise in the cases is after 15Sep decision of school opening. I read somewhere that 50Mn population interact in schools and colleges. This is almost 1/4th of total population. If just by keeping this 1/4th at home and using technical aid like internet, zoom etc pandemic can curtailed then what’s harm in it!!!

  • Primer tak Schools band nahi hone chaye.. 10 years se chote bachon mein corona virus nahi hota.. Abi tak puri dunya mein chote bachon ko corona nahi hua..

  • It’s not the solution to close the schools only when there is not lock down across the country almost all schools followed SOPs regarding pendamic so be sensible as without education there will no nation any more

  • Close all schools immediately as children life is very important and develop intigrated curriculum for students

  • Please close schools and colleges specifically younger children can’t follow sops that much so please don’t endanger life of students.

  • Our school is following sops in true spirit and parents are satisfied.outside other activities are going on and no one going to check them.

  • Schools ma sops follow ho b tou lakin hostel ma koi sops nhi hota islia school bnd Karin takh sub hostels sa nikal ka apna gharu ma rahay

  • In Pakistan people at large are suffering from flue and high temperature, but these are not going to hospitals due to fear of corona diagnosis. How many of them may be positive for Corona. So to prevent the spread of corona, it is must to close them for 6 months

  • Plzzz don’t again mjhy smjh nhi aa rha apni public ka srf schools k time ap logon ko apni life ki for hoti shopping krty ya restaurants me khana khany sy apko koi frk nhi prhta tb apni life ka plzz bss kro Pakistani awaam hmesha glt chez ki side mt lia kro ab to kuch smjh jao ap log phly e itna nuksan ho chuka education ka ap logon ko chahye k sops ko follow kr k schools me jao bcz koi b nhi janta k kb tk ye situation rhy gi so plzz grow up nd is chez sy face krna h hme naa k education sy bhagna h

  • Our children’s life is more precious than studies. It is a suggestion from the parents that schools and colleges should be closed.
    May Allah protect all of us from this pandemic.

  • Well i think it will be better to close schools,colleges and universities this year as the virus is being unstopabble.AGAR ZINDA RAHENGE TOH PADHENGE NA.
    Close them all this year, only 2020, to lower the cases of covid.
    Thank you.

  • they should close all schools. this is not right to open schools while there is a pandemic going around and especially younger children shouldn’t be allowed to go to school since its puts their life into danger. please till next year dont open schools. health and safety is much more important than studies.

  • Khuda ra musalmano kidr Mr gya ap ka eman, mot jb likhi hogi to bister pe b aa jay gi, sorry to say ,very sad, afsos behd afsos , markets,Mandi,or degar rush wali Jago pe koi sops follow nhe wahan q nhe Mr jaty sb? Corona k bagher kisi ko mot nhe aye gi Kya? School or bachay to phr control environment me hoty hain, hmara future tabah kiya has raha,hmary eman kmzor kr k

  • Yes please School must be closed because cases are spreading rapidly,and apply proper online education system for each single students,if i die bcz of corona virus .i will never forgive you ..please clsoe

  • close