Pfizer Becomes the Most Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Based on Trial Reports

The final sessions of Pfizer Inc’s COVID-19 vaccine trials reported a remarkable 95% success rate, with over 2 months of safety data collected for due-diligence. Recent vaccine developments under Pfizer have potentially paved way for a definitive vaccine shot in the next few months.


Here’s the Difference Between Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine and the One Pakistan Might Get

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Boasting the highest efficacy rate for any candidate in late-stage clinical trials so far, medical experts with knowledge about Pfizer’s interim vaccine developments have reportedly expressed encouragement for a vaccine shot with over 90% success rate.

According to Pfizer, 43,000 individuals volunteered for taking beta-shots. Among the straddling list of volunteers, there were 170 cases of active COVID-19 contractions in the trial phase, and the vaccine was administered to 8 people with advanced symptoms.

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