Youth Parliament’s Website is Posting Pornographic Content

Youth Parliament – a Pakistan based platform since 2005 – that strives to inspire and empower young people to create a better society. It engages youngsters of all provinces for nation-building by ensuring their voices are heard by the decision-makers.


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Founded on 14 August 2005, Youth Parliament aims to create a positive difference in society, community, and the country.

However, the official website of the Youth Parliament has long been disseminating a completely opposite narrative.

A quick look at its website shows it to be hosting questionable blogs ranging from dating tips to accessing pronographic content. The first of these blogs date back to 16 May 2019.


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Surprisingly, the Youth Parliament, which has a massive presence on all social media platforms, has completely overlooked its official website. Having celebrated its crystal jubilee this year, Youth Parliament, hopefully, will rectify the issue.

Here are some screenshots of the titles of these objectionable blogs (some of the more obscene content was intentionally not shared):

Update: A previous version of the article incorrectly mentioned the name of the said organization as ‘Pakistan Youth Parliament’ instead of ‘Youth Parliament’ in the headline. The article was updated to amend the said mistake.

  • phornography to koi bhi nai hain inme. sb youth se hi related hain. ab parlimanterians koi ferk khait ki muli to nai hain.

  • First time I saw a nice clickbait on propakistani, can’t tell if I’m shocked or disappointed

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