Colleges Association Announces its Decision on Reopening Colleges & Academies

All Pakistan Colleges and Academies Association (APCAA) has announced to reopen colleges from next month.

During a press conference held at the Stars College on Lower Mall Road Lahore, Chairman APCAA, Rana Ansar, announced to reopen colleges across the country from 1 January 2021.


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Chairman APCAA argued that the closure of colleges is not only resulting in the loss of education of the students but private institute owners are also incurring losses worth millions.

He assured both the government and parents that educational institutes will be reopened under strict Coronavirus SOPs.

Moreover, APCAA has also demanded from the government to revisit its decision to convert electricity connections of private educational institutes from residential to commercial.


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Note that the Inter Provincial Education Ministers Conference (IPEMC) had shut down schools, colleges, universities, and academies across Pakistan for the second time on 23 November in view of the rising cases of the Coronavirus. As per the decision, all educational institutes will remain closed till 10 January 2021.

The decision whether to reopen or extend the closure of the educational institutes will be made by the IPEMC during the first week of January after assessing the overall Coronavirus situation in light of recommendations from the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

  • Good decision this corona drama will keep us in lock-down forever.Old people should stay in underground bunker youth should not be held hostage for oldies.

    • Corona “drama” , yes thats why i lost so many members of my family due to it , because it’s a “drama”. People like you are the stupidest

      • Same happened to me i lost my dad n my younger brother is hospitalised n u call it drama … ask from them who lost their love onces bcz of Corona

        • May Allah give you the strength to overcome this tough time. I’m surprised that people still don’t realize the intensity of this corona pandemic.
          Whoever thinks this is a joke should go to the hospitals corona wards without a mask and then tell me how serious it is.

    • Maybe your parents are not dear to you so people like you can leave them in bunkers but we hold our parents very dear and we will care for them as much as we can

    • You’re a disgrace for the society overall! Why don’t you go under the bunkers and let your elders live peacefully? That will be a relief boy.. Idiotic and misguided youth!

  • I believe Corona has not harmed Israel and this is unique philosophy. After Corona we will see relatives of this decease to harm the world..
    Solution is to deal with Corona..and do not be afraid too much..

    • Get your facts right Mr! COVID has damaged every corner of planet earth and spared no nation, race, creed or faith, stop being a fool or remain in denial!

  • Children life is very important because they are model of life.. So please govt take good decision whenever the govt wants school

  • We all knew that Covid-19 Pandemic is a serious issue and we should follow the SOP’s but what about our children are we matured them how to follow the SOP’s? If no then that is our fault we have no rights to blame Government or Management of Educational System they are human beings like us they can’t manage to survive the dead ones or become the vaccine for Covid-19. So, we are better to understand first what we have to do for healthy environment where our loved ones become save & secure.

  • جس قوم میں زنا عام ھو جإے اس میں ایسی نٕی نٕی بیماریاں پیدا ھوں گی جو پہلے کبہی سننے میں نہیں إٓیں : حدیث مفہوم

  • Yeah surely they must be opening colleges because it’s start of month and the have to collect fees.

  • During a press conference held at the Stars College on Lower Mall Road Lahore, Chairman APCAA, Rana Ansar, announced to reopen colleges across the country from 1 January 2021.

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