Punjab Excise Increases Number Plate Prices for Cars And Bikes

Excise and Taxation Department (ETD) Punjab has decided to increase the prices of number plates of bikes and cars by up to 15%.

In this regard, ETD has already forwarded a summary to Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, seeking formal approval of the decision.


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Currently, a number plate for a bike is available for Rs. 750 and a number plate for a car is available for Rs. 1200.

Citizens would have to pay up to additional Rs. 150 once the summary sent by the ETD receives the assent of CM Punjab.

According to Additional Director General (ETD), Rao Shakeel, the previous contract for the supply of number plates was signed in 2014.


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However, due to the increase in the price of the dollar during the last seven years, it has become impossible to supply the number of plates at current rates.

The ETD official also revealed that the issuance of more than 2 million number plates is pending and the department is taking steps to clear the backlog as soon as possible.


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