FIA Agents Exposed for Taking Bribes in Bitcoin

As per reports, an investigation launched against former officials of the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing has revealed that the accused had taken bribes from citizens in Bitcoin (BTC).

According to the details, the former officials had held influential positions in the Cyber Crime Wing and had blackmailed individuals who were under investigation in pornography cases.

One of the suspects involved in the blackmailing for hefty bribes has been identified as Muhammad Ali.


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In a similar fashion, the authorities recently apprehended suspects in Lahore for robbing two Swiss foreigners after taking them to an undisclosed location. The reports suggest that the suspects had stolen an amount of Rs. 14.7 million through digital payments (Bitcoin).

In this regard, the police have stated that one of the suspects, who was identified as Rana Irfan Mahmood, is still at large and is awaiting prosecution.

IT experts have also been included in the case to recover the sum in digital holdings.

  • they taken good advantage of the government’s dithering regarding bitcoin. they’ve extorted money for years now. even sindh high court’s warning hasn’t stopped them.

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