Changan Notifies the First Price Hike of Alsvin Sedan

It is a common notion that the main appeal of the Chinese automakers in the Pakistani auto market is their cheaper alternatives that also happen to be of better quality than what is currently being offered locally.

This begs the question as to what the fate and the appeal of these new brands in Pakistan would be if they also resort to price hikes like the other brands. An example of this is Changan’s recent announcement of a bump of Rs. 101,000 in the price of their brand new offering, the Alsvin sedan. The price hike was announced yesterday and entails the company’s revision of the MSRPs of the Comfort A/T and the Lumiere A/T variants of the Alsvin.


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The new prices of the Alsvin variants are as follows:

Variants Old Price (PKR) Revised Price (PKR) Increase (PKR)
Comfort M/T 2,199,000 2,199,000 0
Comfort A/T 2,399,000 2,449,000 50,000
Lumiere A/T 2,549,000 2,650,000 101,000


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Fortunately, for those who prefer a manual gearbox and can live without a few added convenience features, the price of the Comfort M/T has been kept the same.

Earlier this year, the Alsvin had received a brilliant response from the public as the company reported that it had received around 28,000 walk-in customers who were interested in the new car, 17,000 pre-bookings, and that all the available units of the vehicle had been sold out within a week of the announcement of the price.

Despite the increase in its price, the Alsvin is still a cheaper alternative to the Yaris and the City, especially in the top trim-level, and still has better value for money as compared to the City which is over a decade old.

  • Ridiculous , increase in price as soon as you get popular you take advantage of people’s confidence and follow others who too are fleecing the people

  • The car hasnt been delivered yet and they have increased the price. This is all games. When they opened the booking the dealers booked it themselves for investment now increase in price gives them a brilliant chance for ON money which was discouraged by their own CEO. Same case happened with the launch of Hyndai Tuscon.
    I was very much interested in buying this car but when i went for booking on the 2nd day of opening and the dealer said all cars booked i will give you a favour and deliver you in june. I knew there was something fishy.
    Thank God I didnt booked it. Went for Yaris a better known brand and got the delivery in 15 days
    If these new companies keep doing this they wont last and make the big 3 more stronger.

  • Base model pretty much has all the items of the top of the range minis cruise control and sunroof and tpms. The 1.3 manual is a great price.

  • prices decision must be revised, otherwise the buyers have much more options to get good cars and prices.
    Thank you.

  • We were complaining about big 3 had good hopes from alsvin but its on same big three tracks
    Its better to buy YARIS because of it brand value and 3s service
    Next option will be new honda city

  • really shameful act , no difference in big 3 now the new company all are same , govt should take action against them

  • Its sad to see that these companies are playing with our people and in my opinion our government is a party to it. What is the basis of these price hikes, why can’t the government devise a price control mechanism. I recently bought a Yaris paid full price upfront so that I should get it within the stipulated 30 days period as promised by the IMC but they too failed to honor their promise and deliver 3 weeks beyond the 30 days. All these companies and the government are hand in glove to loot the public.

    • The real culprit is GOVT, they are responsible for protecting the interests of citizens.

  • I don’t think it’s resale is going to be good initially, so company should not increase prices now, on the other hand, prices should decrease for some time

  • First of all, same technique they are adopting which big 3 adopted. Price should be considered after sale trend. If they do like this, car sale will be drop. They want to become rich in nights.

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