Samsung’s New App Makes Your iPhone an Android Device

Developers at Samsung have launched the iTest web app that allows iPhone users to experience the ‘Samsung Galaxy vibe’.

When installed, the app offers a mock imitation of the One UI which is typically seen on Samsung’s range of Galaxy phones.


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As expected, the app is free and has gone live, after Apple Inc. chief Tim Cook sympathized with the new iPhone users who had recently migrated from Android.

All you need to do is head to the iTest website on your iPhone to install the app.

Interestingly though, the app isn’t just a skin that sports the Galaxy look, but comes with some neat features that allow iPhone users to check out the app-drawer feature, including the Galaxy Store.

For a more immersive experience, the iTest application also sends mock notifications to make it look like you’re actually using a Galaxy phone. However, note that this app isn’t a fully functional operating system, and much of the notifications that appear while using it are actually sent through iOS.


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Besides the added UI features, the iTest app reportedly offers Fortnite in the Galaxy Store, which feels intentional since the developers behind the game, Epic Games Studio, are currently engaged in a lawsuit against Apple Inc. over illegal practices.

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