BRT Peshawar is Getting Dozens of New Buses

The Peshawar Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) has received 10 new busses from the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for its fleet. Originally purchased from a vendor in China, the new buses will be used for mass commute along Peshawar’s BRT strip.


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A spokesperson for the BRT reportedly announced that 20 additional buses have also been purchased for the fleet and that they are on their way to Pakistan.

The BRT service expects to accommodate 3,750 passengers with the 10 new buses. As soon as the other 20 buses are received within the next few months, the total number of active BRT mass commute vehicles will be 158.


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Initially launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan in August 2020, Peshawar’s BRT is a 62 km-long corridor with 31 active stations and 146 stops for the facilitation of thousands of daily commuters.

There are numerous developmental reforms in the pipeline for the provincial expansion of the BRT strip.

  • PTI is Punjab Dushman only. Metro is haraam for Punjabis but halal for Pushtoons?. Dozens of buses for BRT Peshwar whereas no money for even existing buses of Punjab?. It seems that we are living in Durrani Empire where Pushtoons used to loot Punjabis and Kabul and Peshwar was developing during that time only. This time seems no different.

    • PMLN spent money on 4 metros in Punjab, so they were looting rest of the country as per your logic.

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