Punjab Will Take Board Exams at Any Cost: Murad Raas

Punjab Education Minister, Murad Raas has said that the students should prepare for examinations instead of wasting time in protests.

“There’s no way the government will cancel exams this year,” he said during an interview with SAMAA TV. “Bring as many celebrities as you want, the decision will not change.”

Raas said that a meeting of inter-provincial ministers will take place later this week to make important decisions regarding the reopening of schools and exams.

Personally, I think exams should be taken as per schedule but with limited subjects.


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The provincial minister suggested that assessments of important and elective subjects should be taken, however, the meeting will take a final decision in this regard.

He maintained that the students have already suffered huge educational losses since the outbreak of the virus and couldn’t afford to do so anymore.

“We already passes students without exams last year but this can’t be repeated. What kind of a generation will we produce if we pass them this easily?”

Commenting on the online exams, the minister said that the students’ demand means, “let us cheat.”


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Students in multiple cities across Pakistan have been staging protests since Federal Education Minister, Shafqat Mahmood, announced that intermediate and matriculation exams will be held in the country from June 29 to July 23.

They maintain that exams should be canceled as classes were not held properly and courses were not completed on time.