Ehsaas Establishes IT Policies Vault To Protect Sensitive Data

Ehsaas has reportedly developed a state-of-the-art IT policies vault for maintaining its program’s sensitive data and safeguarding its information assets.

The new platform has been created as a fail-safe facility for transferring benefits to beneficiaries and to ensure complete protection against cybercrime, abuse, and hacking.


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Discussing the new development in an official statement, the Special Assistant to PM on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection, Dr. Sania Nishtar, said that the new IT safeguards are imperative for Ehsaas to deliver its services with enhanced integrity, transparency, and accountability.

In terms of data management, she remarked that the new IT policies vault comes well equipped with a couple of textbook security features, including the data availability management policy, change management process, data labeling procedure, data retention policy, software policy, and subsequent data backup procedures.


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Termed as the government’s flagship initiative for tackling poverty, Ehsaas continues to revamp its data and associated systems. With the aforesaid IT policies vault, the program has set the foundation for future social protection programs, socioeconomic registry, and cash transfer programs.