School Timings and Days Reduced in Islamabad

The class timings of the schools in the federal capital will be reduced after reports of several students fainting due to suffocation.

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) decided on Wednesday that students will now attend classes twice a week in consideration of the heatwave in Islamabad.


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Hours after an incident at a primary school in the Malpur Area, the FDE issued a notification that read:

In the context of heatwave currently being experienced in ICT, the revised timings of educational institutions are as under in which students shall attend the institution only twice a week with no consecutive attendance.

The new class timings for educational institutions under the purview of the FDE are 7 AM to 11 AM from Monday to Thursday, while Friday will be a working day only for teachers and the administrative staff.


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Students will now attend classes in two groups on alternate days for which 50 percent attendance is permissible.

They have been advised to cover their heads with hats or umbrellas and to stay hydrated at all times to protect themselves from the severe heat.