University Students Will Get Extra Marks With This New Law

Minister of State for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul, has said that special legislation is in works to allow students additional marks for taking an active part in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Ten Billion Tree Tsunami plantation project.

In an interview with Associated Press Pakistan (APP), Zartaj Gul said that the move was aimed at encouraging students to plant 20 saplings for 20 marks – a unique and innovative effort to bound university graduates to plant trees during their course of study.


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The minister said that the legislation would make it compulsory for every university student to plant trees during the graduation programs. The university and the district administrations would help them locate feasible sites for plantation.

She said that the PM wants to conserve nature to provide a safe environment for coming generations.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan, to this end, not only presented the idea of a clean, green, and prosperous Pakistan but also put it into practice. He has introduced a number of revolutionary initiatives for environmental preservation,” Zartaj said.


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Explaining the proposed legislation, the Minister of State said that in the past, extra marks were given to the students involved in National Cadet Corps (NCC). Likewise, additional marks would be allotted to the students for planting trees as part of educational activities.

“Programs like ’20 Plants 20 Numbers’ will not only encourage the youth to be a part of this national goal but will also fulfill the dream of making Pakistan a green and prosperous country,” she said.

Zartaj Gul maintained that under this scheme, millions of saplings could be planted every year, which would prove to be a valuable asset for future generations.

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