DG WHO Makes A Shocking Revelation About COVID-19

COVID-19 is spreading faster than the distribution of its vaccines around the world, Director General World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom, has revealed.

While briefing the media, DG WHO said that the emergence of new and more contagious Coronavirus variants, such as Alpha and Delta, is the reason behind the increased transmission rates worldwide.


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Although new cases of Coronavirus are declining all over the world, the number of deaths is not declining at the same rate. Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, 3.84 million people have died from the deadly viral infection.

While weekly cases are at their lowest since February, deaths are not falling as quickly.

New cases have decreased for the seventh consecutive week, the longest period of decline in cases the world has seen since the beginning of the pandemic.

While highlighting the medical inequity in the world, DG WHO said the African countries are reporting higher mortality rates despite fewer cases in comparison to countries in other continents. The high death rates among African states are alarming because there is a lack of diagnostics, oxygen supplies, and vaccines in the continent.


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Enough doses of COVID-19 vaccines are available around the globe to cut the transmission rates significantly and save many precious lives only if they are used in the right places for the right people.

G-7 countries have also pledged to distribute 870 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines around the world. Certainly, this is a much-needed initiative but more doses are needed quickly because more than 10,000 people are dying from Coronavirus every day.