Young Adults Are More Stressed Due to The Pandemic: Research

Research led by investigators at the Saint James School of Medicine has revealed that increased screen time among young adults during the pandemic is leading to a rise in pandemic-related distress.

The study correlated the increase in time spent viewing entertainment on a screen prior to and during the pandemic with changes in anxiety scores.


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Compared to non-students, students scored higher in stress-induced because of the pandemic.

This research will be presented at the World Microbe Forum that is taking place online between 20 to 24 June.


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The presenting author on the research and M.D. candidate at Saint James School of Medicine, Michelle Wiciak, said,

This study highlights that the pandemic did not simply affect people physically, but emotionally and mentally, with various groups being impacted to a greater extent than others. It reiterates that there is an increased need for mental health support during disastrous times.