Quran is Now a Compulsory Subject in Punjab’s Schools and Colleges

The government of Punjab on Friday made Quran education compulsory for the students of class I-XII in schools across the province.

A notification to this effect was issued today, which stated that students of up to class V would get Naazrah Quran education, while the remaining classes will be taught Quran with translation.


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The circular from the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) said that under the Punjab Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Act, 2021, the teaching of the Holy Quran is compulsory for Muslim students in all public and private educational institutions as well as madrassas.

In the initial step, the PCTB had mandated the teaching of Naazrah Quran as a separate compulsory subject for grades I-V earlier this month.


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“In the light of this, the PTCB in its 83rd board meeting revised the scheme of studies and included the subject of “Naazrah Quran” in grades I-V as a separate compulsory subject,” the notification had read.

It had then announced to start teaching the Holy Quran a separate compulsory subject to grades I-XII, and it will also be conveyed as soon as possible.

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