93% of COVID-19 Patients in Peshawar Hospitals are Unvaccinated

Data has revealed that most of the coronavirus patients admitted to the three largest hospitals in Peshawar are not vaccinated.

According to the details, 93 percent of the patients admitted to Lady Reading Hospital (LRH)  in the last three months have not been vaccinated.

“Around 93 percent of these patients had not received even a single dose while only seven percent of them had been vaccinated. These seven percents were those who were not in a critical condition and they were discharged after recovery,” a Health Department official said.

In Khyber-Teaching Hospital (KTH), the second-largest hospital in KP, “there are 104 COVID-19 patients at the hospital but only six of them have been vaccinated properly,” he informed.

“None of the vaccinated patients are in life-threatening situations or at ICU,” the official said.

Similarly, in Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) only eight percent of coronavirus patients have been vaccinated.

“In the high dependency unit around 1,307 patients were brought out of whom 917 were unvaccinated. At hospital ICU, 584 patients were treated in which 439 were non-vaccinated which endangered their lives and they ended up at ICU,” he said.

“There are 93 patients at high dependency unit in which only 10 are vaccinated. While eight others have received only their first dose,” a spokesperson for HMC said.

“There are 24 patients in ICU and isolation in which only one is vaccinated,” he added.

District Health Officer (DHO) Peshawar, Dr. Azmat, said that people are still not taking the vaccination process seriously.

“They are not only endangering their own lives but also the lives of their loved ones and family members around them,” he said.