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Atlas Honda Announces 7th Price Hike of 2021

Atlas Honda has announced another price hike for its motorbikes for the seventh time this year and as always, sans an explanation in the official notification. The prices have been elevated up to Rs. 6,500 and are effective as of 1 November 2021.

The following are the new prices of all the Atlas Honda motorcycles:

Motorbike Old Price (Rs.) Revised Price (Rs.) Price Increase (Rs.)
CD 70 90,900 94,900 4,000
CD  70 Dream 97,500 101,500 4,000
Honda Pridor 125,500 130,500 5,000
CG 125 147,500 152,500 5,000
CG 125 SE 177,000 182,000 5,000
CB 125 F 212,000 218,500 6,500
CB 150 F 267,000 273,500 6,500
CB 150 F SE 271,000 277,500 6,500

Atlas Honda has made a habit of increasing the prices of its motorbikes without issuing any logical explanations other than the fluctuation in the value of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar.

The prices of these motorcycles had been increasing regardless of the value of the rupee (PKR) against the dollar (USD). When the value of the USD in Pakistan was around Rs. 151 in mid-2021, all the motorcycle manufacturers, including Atlas Honda, increased the prices of their motorbikes.

Atlas Honda has localized most parts of its motorcycles but continues to increase their prices. Its motorcycles have also remained mostly unchanged for several years, which renders such huge price hikes questionable.

The government should take this as a cue to intervene and fix the prices as it had planned to do for carmakers a few months ago.

  • Plz take price of CD 70 to 99999999900000 Rs for kachra bikes,it’s better to buy Chinese bikes after all Chinese cars are taking over car market from Honda, Suzuki and Toyota.

  • I was just gonna buy honda 70 tomorrow, but a bike experienced told me that the quality of Chinese and honda are almost same , then why to pay 20000 extra on 70cc for just buying a brand name honda
    Changed my plan , now will go for Chinese bike

    • currently the price of chinese bikes are 55000Rs thn the differnce will be round about 35 to 39k.Why should we invest 40k extra

    • Just got my 110cc rp in 60k new.
      Honda should really consider their pricing. Much better experience than 70cc

    • Brother Chinese bikes does not give you much comfort as Honda does I own a Honda CD 70 it is very comfortable then any Chinese bikes on the market it is more reliable then all Chinese bikes I would prefer you Honda the. Any Chinese bikes.

  • Bycot Shamefull atlas honda Disappointed And this bad government Nothing doing this Very shame Its not fair for poor people

  • I have purchased new atlas Honda bike and it is coming noisy with its cluch box, as if someone is friction, I have checked different mechanic but they are saying it’s clutch box problem I am worried. Is this atlas honda??? And no any one repair honda worker my bike like Athad honda Raiwind (shameful honda pakistan)

  • Govt .is totally fail….now dollar is going down and honda prices are going up…but govt Has no effect to control the company even that they are increasing their price every month

  • Honda walay jis trah rate barha rahay hain yeh galat kr krahay hain pk ma bahot new electric bike arahay hain jis trah yamaha industry fanah hwi thi in k sath same honay wala hay yamaha walo ne bhe yahe kia tha jo ye kr rahay hain

  • Hum Honda bike 2010 see use kar rahy hain Price ka koi masla NAHI hai jitna dil chay barha lo liken Honda walo Bike ki quality b achi kro 2 mahiny bad bike ko Zang Lag jata ga7 Aur Rate girl JATA hai

  • The author is misguiding and having zero knowledge about the reason of price hike.
    If you want to write, then do proper research.
    This hike is due to Raw Material prices which is continuously increasing internationally.

  • Really its a mess 7th time over a year. Even honda is mostly using china parts now. Better to go with Chinese bikes.

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