O-Level Students Face a New Dilemma in Punjab

Hundreds of students who appeared in O-Level examinations this year are unable to apply for intermediate colleges in Punjab due to the non-declaration of their Urdu exams results.

Intermediate colleges started offering admissions after the results for matric class were announced on 15 October across the province.

However, colleges are not offering provisional admissions to the students of O-level, even though the delay in results was not the students’ fault.

Commenting on the development, Hashim Raza, a parent of an O-level student, told The News that “O-level exams for a few subjects were held in Pakistan in July, while the rest, including paper of Urdu, were scheduled in October.”

He revealed that the results of exams that were taken in July are out, but the results of exams taken in October will be announced in January.

“Students who pursued A-Levels got admissions, while students who tried to switch to the local qualifications were suffering.”

Hashim added that these students are already a year behind as O-Levels is a three-year program, unlike matriculation, and if they waited for Urdu results [until January], another year will be wasted.

Meanwhile, the principal of a local public college told the publication, on the condition of anonymity, that they had not received any instructions from the government over the issue, due to which it is impossible for the public colleges to accommodate O-level students without complete results.

Although private colleges had the liberty to take such decisions, public colleges will need to follow the protocol, he added.

  • same is happening in Karachi. world worst edu department is here.A*s & As students are being given average percentages due to which their admission in good govt colleges is impossible as exceptional results are rewarded to the matric system students.

  • Exactly this issue with appearing in Oct Nov for few subjects has everyone suffering. I came from SA so I had to appear for Urdu O levels with my A levels exams but since urdu was shifted to Oct/Nov my results will now come after the final merit list has formed for public MBBS universitas. This is so unfair as I worked really hard but there’s a possibility of me being pushed back a year due to inconsiderate and absolutely stupid decisions taken by the education department.

  • Dear community,
    Please understand that students who appeared in July series have already done with their Urdu, islamiyat and Pakistan Studies last year in June or Nov.
    Students who appeared for Urdu islamiyat and pak studies in this October have not completed rest 5 subjects in O level.
    Remaining 5 subjects they’re going to appear in coming May June.
    The year is not wasted at all.

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