FBR Develops Automated Facility in WeBOC to Promote Exports

Pakistan Customs (FBR) has developed an automated facility in its indigenously developed WeBOC [Web-based One Customs] System to enable the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to acquire imported input goods from a Common Export House for subsequent exports under the Export Facilitation Scheme, 2021.

A Common Export House is a warehouse authorized by the Collector of Customs for import, warehouse and supply of input goods without payment of customs duty, sales tax, federal excise duty, and withholding tax to the small and medium export enterprises, direct or indirect exporters, or commercial exporters.

FBR has already issued a procedure for obtaining authorization to operate as Common Export House vide SRO 957(I)/2021 dated 30 July 2021. Public warehouses already operating under Customs warehousing rules can also apply to operate as a Common Export House, simultaneously.

The newly introduced automated facility in WeBOC, developed as a step forward toward digitization, includes features of online application filing for authorization to operate as Common Export House, authorization of common export warehouse by the regulatory collectorate, and filing of import Goods Declarations (GDs) of input goods by the authorized user of Common Export House as an importer. This automated system will also facilitate the supply of input goods to SMEs and other authorized buyers within a period of two years from the date of importation.