NADRA Spent Millions on Apple iMacs to Run Opera on Unlicensed Windows

Having high-quality equipment is one thing, but wasting millions is another.


We at ProPakistani have observed that NADRA, one of the biggest regulatory authorities in Pakistan, has spent millions on computers that only run basic tasks.

The regulatory authority is using expensive Apple iMacs that run pirated Windows 7 and Windows 10, with only a simple internet browser.

It would be justifiable if NADRA used powerful computers for taxing tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, code compiling, etc. It is also reasonable to use Apple computers for Apple-exclusive software for better quality work, but a simple internet browser can be found on any basic Windows PC.

It is nonsensical to install Windows, which is also pirated, on an Apple device, only to run tasks easily handled by a cheap Windows PC. A simple PC is enough to handle NADRA’s daily use-case, which is data entry, data monitoring, biometric input, and the basic tools NADRA uses.

To put this into perspective, NADRA has offices all over Pakistan with numerous Apple iMacs in each. This easily puts the total cost at millions of Rupees. This tax money is wasted for the sake of high-end equipment that does very little.

The person in charge of this decision warrants strict action against them.


We reached out to NADRA’s chairman Mr. Tariq Malik for an official comment. Here is what he had to say:

Previous management took some decisions, which I can’t change. ProPakistani questions are pertinent and we already have started a process of improvement and replacing lagged infrastructure and software.

We have stopped buying Apple and iMac machines. Apple systems are mainly bought by our project donors like the World Bank, or any other agency. When they fund projects, they buy things of their choice.

It appears that NADRA will also be updating its operating system to updated versions with official licenses.

It’s criminal negligence that unlicensed software is used and purchased software is not being updated. I’m not looking to blame anyone, but I’ll try to get things improved. These iMacs are using Windows whereas they should be using licensed software. We are now updating these, and by end June 2022, we will be able to replace these with licensed versions.


  • If its esthetics they wanted, HP Pro One AIO PCs would have sufficed for a fraction of the cost. And instead of using pirated Windows they could have used Linus free of cost. Something like Linux Mint would have worked wonders for them for their work load. This is what happens when you hire ‘parchees’ with fake degrees; you throw away millions.

    • If they can’t get along with MacOS, how do you expect them to use Linux? Talking about the free OS, they could have used Windows 10 instead which is available for free to the consumer and they don’t need to pirate it (unless they actually want to change the lock screen wallpaper).

  • Mac is really Good to prevent data from hackers but unfortunately they use the windows in it lol.
    Sops matters Government should set a team of MBO who make sops for every department

  • Stuff like this is very common in govt. organisations. Main reason is because it is not their own money that they are spending. The second reason is that the top management in these organisations who approve such procurement are illiterate regarding technology and rely on their subordinate’s recommendations. And the subordinates don’t want to upset their bosses in case the product they order are under performing, that is why govt. organisations make such sub-optimal decisions and order high performance items. It is after they get the items is when they start thinking what to do with it.
    Sadly there is no straight forward solution to optimise the procurement process as corrupt people will keep finding loop holes and exploit the system.

  • Why on MAC they are not using macOS?? If their software was not macOS compatible then they should have not gone for a MAC…
    Also how did the author of this article get access to this information.. I can see that an apple product can be identified but unlicensed windows copies.. how did he get this information..

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