NADRA and FBR to Identify Non-Filers With Modern Technology

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will calculate the income and tax liabilities of non-filers with modern technology before the end of the year.

According to details, NADRA will identify potential taxpayers with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), mathematical modeling, and statistical modeling.

The analysis will be based on 14 million records of financial transactions provided by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). These include property transactions, vehicle purchases, registration of cars with provincial excise departments, buying/selling of movable and immovable properties, utility bills, foreign travels, and other heavy expenditures.

After the completion of the analysis, NADRA will share the details of non-filers with FBR that will make their profiles and upload them on its website. They will be sent an SMS to visit FBR’s website to verify their details and pay the due taxes and file their returns.

Credible sources in FBR have disclosed that potential taxpayers will be initially given sufficient time to pay taxes and submit returns voluntarily. In case of non-compliance, FBR will take strict legal action against non-filers.

FBR will also set up special call centers, whose representatives will be tasked to contact the non-filers in order to push them to submit taxes and file returns and provide them guidance for easily navigating the website.

  • Ordinary Pakistani pays taxes as GST on every product that they buy from the market. Stop saying that Pakistanis dont pay any taxes. The real Tax Chors are sitting in DHA and Parliament of Pakistan. All Politicians (Imran Khan) himself are the biggest Tax chors of Pakistan.
    If you are serious then get taxes from Jageedars, Peers and Real State brokers. Stop blackmailing the ordinary Citizens of Pakistan please

  • It is a good idea that NADRA and FBR will collaborate with each other regarding non filers.I know a society in Islamabad where almost every one owns luxury cars like PAjero, Prado, Mercedes’,Audi and so on.Each costs more than 20 million .The Government must concentrate on their source of income.Only then we can say that Government is implementing what it is saying.

  • This is LoL 😂😂😂😂😂.
    The both will use IT, AI, and other technologies, but they will not use their personal intelligence.
    The glorious homes, luxuries are the clues.
    The flies can seek sweet.
    But both will look busy just like a 🐝, but do nothing.

  • It’s good idea if implemented honestly, if politicians, landlords, business mens, industrialiest pay honestly our country will not suffer as current situations,

    NRPs send billions of dollar to country but nothing is done by govt to compensate them, instead blackmailing by FBRs even they didn’t earn in Pakistan and sending foreign exchange to country to support.

    Sorry to say Imran Khan Govt not done anything for NRPs as promised by him before coming to power in govt….

    Even RDA accounts money transfered is in loss only because no control on Pak Rs weakens against Dollar and what ever 11% profit comes still loss…Shameful policies…

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