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These Are The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cars of 2021 in Pakistan

It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, meaning attractiveness is subjective. Sometimes, the beauty can hypnotize even the most jaded person, and the same holds true for the designs and styling of cars.

Pakistan recently had an influx of new cars which now gives us options to choose between various design languages. While some cars here are ‘aesthetically challenged’, others elicit a sense of desire among even the most casual buyers.

Although none of them can attain the level of the beauty of an Italian exotic car, here are some of the most attractive brand new vehicles that are for sale in Pakistan today.

Haval Jolion — Getting Noticed

While the Haval Jolion is this list’s most polarizing vehicle in terms of looks, it is undoubtedly an attention grabber in a market composed of monotonous-looking vehicles.

The front fascia comprises a large chrome mesh grille, modern-looking headlamps LED headlights, turn signals, and sharp-looking DRLs that extend down into the bumper in a boomerang pattern. Additionally, the bottom portion of the DRLs is surrounded by decorative air vents.

Although modern, the rear of the vehicle is boxy and distinctive. Together, all these elements, plus the boxy silhouette, make the Jolion look like a baby version of a Chevy Tahoe. Overall, it is a look that has caught the fancy of many in Pakistan.

Haval H6 — Understated Dominance

Unlike the Jolion, the Haval H6 has subdued styling which arguably makes it the better-looking of the GWM twins.

The latter’s design resembles the Jolion’s, with a tall, boxy front-end decorated with a huge squared-off chrome mesh grille, a long and straight bonnet, and is relatively larger than other crossover SUVs.

The rear is slightly different with a rounded-off and subtle look. However, the single lightbar at the back and the modern LED taillights allow for an attractive-looking rear.

Overall, the large stature, imposing front, and aggressive general profile of the SUV give it a handsome look and significant road presence.

Kia Sorento — Crossover Design Done Right

Making a large crossover look good is a daunting task that Kia has managed to accomplish with the Sorento.

Kia chose a subtle design for the third-generation Sorento, which is a positive attribute as its smooth and clean silhouette presents an understated, elegant look. The front has an attractive pair of LED projector headlights with sleek DRLs, modern-looking and effective foglights at the bottom, a smooth bumper, and the automaker’s signature tiger-nose grille for a touch of aggressiveness.

The side profile resembles a crossover SUV but the 18-inch alloys (not shown in the image) and the chrome trim around the car enhance its subdued albeit smart look.

Kia has maintained its minimalism at the back with a clean look that features an impressive pair of taillights, a stylish rear bumper with a pair of reflectors on either side, a neat diffuser at the bottom, and an exhaust that is not overly stylized. Ultimately, the Sorento makes for a very handsome-looking SUV.

Kia Carnival — The ‘James Bond’ of Minivans

If it is difficult to make an SUV look good, it’s nearly impossible for a big minivan. Kia has masterfully accomplished this feat again with the design of the new Carnival.

While still a minivan, the latest model is highly influenced by the SUV design. The slightly elongated, wider wheelbase with a shorter front and rear overhangs make the Carnival appear more poised and aggressive than its prior iterations.

The front now features a longer and straighter nose — another design cue borrowed from the SUVs. Next is the ‘tiger face’ front grille that spans the entire width of the vehicle. The front also sports a beefy bumper with a silver trim piece at the bottom center, which makes the front look grand.

The side profile is almost like every other mid-size minivan’s, but a few sharp lines, bulging wheel-arches, and large alloy wheels make the car look planted and muscular.

The backend is decorated with sleek taillights that span the back, more sharp lines, a rear bumper with foglights, reverse lights, and another scuff-plate-like silver trim piece to complement the design. All these design elements, coupled with the massive size, give the Carnival a fantastic road presence.

MG ZS — Simplicity With a Veneer of Sophistication

MG has taken a more mature approach to its vehicle design. The ZS shares the smooth lines and elegant looks of the HS, which Pakistanis love. The front fascia features a similar large front grille, a classy headlight design, an elegant front bumper, and a smooth bonnet.

The side of the vehicle has sharp lines, roof rails on the top, a silver trim piece on the bottom of the doors, and a sharp beltline that runs upwards at the back. It also has silver strip trimming that gives it a premium look.

The rear end presents a mix of sportiness and class with modern LED taillights, a rear spoiler, and a forward-leaning rear window that contribute to the attractive appearance.

With its striking bumper design and an eye-catching overall look, the ZS is an interesting blend of athletic sophistication.

Proton X70 — Putting ‘Sports’ Back in the Sports Utility Vehicle

Out of all crossovers SUVs currently for sale in Pakistan, the Proton X70 might be the most aggressive in terms of styling. The front end resembles that of a hot-hatch, with its razor-sharp front grille, bumper, and headlights, while the side profile looks like a standard compact crossover SUV with a high center of gravity, big wheels, and a tall body.

The 18-inch wheel design and the chrome side-impact strips on the bottom make the side profile appear ornate, and the rear end looks heavily inspired by European SUVs and the Porsche Cayenne in particular.

The design is complemented by a Sportback-like sloping tailgate and a spoiler on top, sharp LED taillights, and a brake light at the bottom center that imitates the design of a track-day car.

Although just a cosmetic feature, the dual exhausts accentuate the sportiness of the vehicle. Overall, the X70 is arguably one of the most robust crossover SUVs in the Pakistani market.

MG HS — More European than Most European Crossovers


The MG HS is not quite a head-turner nowadays as it is a common sight on the roads but it is widely acknowledged as an attractive vehicle.

The front has headlights with a subdued but elegant design, with projector lamps and uniquely arranged DRLs that double as sequential indicators. The front is stunning with an impressive grille surrounded by a chrome trim piece, and the large MG logo in the middle adds to the vehicle’s premium feel.

This SUV has a fairly typical side look but 18-inch alloy wheels, chromed side-impact strips, brush-aluminum roof rails, and a chrome bordering the A, B, and C pillars of the vehicle that add more flamboyance to its overall profile.

The rear looks familiar because its taillights look like the 3rd generation BMW X3. This is a good thing as the pair of sleek taillights, sharp reflectors, and dual exhausts add to the sporty look. All in all, the HS is currently the best-looking crossover SUV in the market.

Hyundai Elantra — The Corolla and Civic’s Worst Nightmare

Hyundai has struck a near-ideal balance of modernity and elegance with the design of the 6th generation Elantra. The car features a wedge-like headlight, front bumper, front grille, and taillight designs that complement its smooth and round silhouette, making it look fairly handsome.

The headlamps are Dynamic LED Quad Projectors that include sharp, triangular Daytime Running Lights to make the front more aggressive. Following the current trend among automakers these days, the Elantra features a huge hexagonal front grille that gives it some assertiveness.

The side profile has a plain look peppered with hints of premier quality such as 16-inch alloy rims and sharp lines across the entire length.  The back has a cutting-edge tail light design accompanied by neat, checkmark-shaped reflectors at the bottom of the bumper.

The car also features a shark-fin antenna on the roof to give it a classy look besides capturing better radio signals. Evidently, the 6th generation Hyundai Elantra exudes a strong and modern visage despite being a generation old.

Honda Accord — If the Word ‘Executive’ Was a Car

The 10th generation Accord is a testament to why Honda is one of the best carmakers in the world. Flaunting a sporty and athletic profile, sharp lines, a stretched wheelbase, and a bold look presence, the Honda Accord remains one of the best-looking midsize sedans in the world.

Starting from the front, the headlights, the prominent chrome front grille, and sharp bonnet and bumper designs give the Accord an imposing road presence. The sharp lines also continue on the side, with one stretching from the headlights all the way to the taillights. The large alloy rims and the sloping roofline also accentuate the vehicle’s sporty side profile.

With a Sportback-like rear design, the back of the Accord has a subtle resemblance with the 10 generation Civic. The dual exhaust cutouts, coupled with the apostrophe-shaped taillights allow for a unique and attractive look, making the Accord a fine-looking car from front to tail.

Hyundai Sonata — It’s not a Head-Turner, it’s a Neck-Breaker

Hyundai has displayed impressive creativity in the right direction with the design of the new Sonata. The vehicle is equal parts futuristic and regal, which is a hard feat to pull off.

The overall smooth silhouette is complemented with sharp lines across the entire body, giving the car a sophisticated personality with a touch of aggression. The front fascia features a huge and imposing hexagonal grille, a sharp bumper, a modern-looking pair of headlights, and the spectacular DRLs that extend onto the bonnet, which all add up to a truly unique look.

The sharp and harmonized lines and edges continue on the side, highlighting the sporty, albeit subtle look of the vehicle. The alloy rim design looks a bit noisy with crisscrossed silver and black spokes but they complement the Sonata’s complex design.

The contemporary beauty of the car continues at the back with the boomerang taillight design that is joined by a singular LED strip. The swooping roofline at the back is flush with the boot lid and gives the Sonata a Sportback-look.

The rear bumper is also sharply designed but lacks fake exhaust cutouts, which is a fantastic design element. Ultimately, in terms of design, the Sonata is a real showstopper and is arguably the best-looking car in Pakistan today regardless of the tough competition it has at its price point.

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    KIA motors, Hyundai motors, MG motors, Proton motors, Haval Jolion and DFSK are doing amazing job. Rest of the big 3 (so called) will be no more …..Insha’Allah..

  • The front fascia comprises a large chrome mesh grille, modern-looking headlamps LED headlights, turn signals, and sharp-looking DRLs that extend down into the bumper in a boomerang pattern. Additionally, the bottom portion of the DRLs is surrounded by decorative air vents.

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