Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2022 Will be Taking Place in the Metaverse

Looks like the South Korean tech giant Samsung is going to be the first to host its biggest event of the year in the Metaverse. The highly-anticipated Galaxy Unpacked 2022, which is to be aired on February 9th i.e. this Wednesday, will be accessible in both virtual as well as actual reality.

Metaverse fans can become a part of the event at 837X, a recreation of Samsung’s flagship New York City experience center, within the virtual reality platform Decentraland (a blockchain-powered virtual space) where users can buy exclusive digital assets such as land, estates, or Avatar wearables. Although, like the previous Galaxy Unpacked events, fans can still watch the live stream on Samsung Newsroom as well as its official Youtube channel.

How to Virtually Attend Galaxy Unpacked 2022

Additionally, for the full Samsung 837X experience, users must connect their MetaMask wallet and provide credentials. However, the company claims that users who log in as a guest won’t get the full Galaxy Unpacked experience, unlike those using a Decentraland ID.

After fans open Decentraland, they’ll need to create an avatar and a passport to participate in Decentraland events. The password is created using MetaMask.

Once the initial setup is done, click “Explore the World” to teleport your avatar into the Decentraland Genesis Plaza. From there, you can check out Decentraland or teleport to the Samsung 837X experience from the link on the events page.

According to the previous leaks, the company would be unveiling its upcoming Galaxy S22 flagship along with the Galaxy Tab S8 lineup at this year’s event. It will start at 8:00 PM (PKT), you can tune in to the live stream via Samsung’s official website, its YouTube channel, or the Metaverse.