Telegram Introduces Multiple New Features With Better UI and Controls

The controversial instant messaging platform, Telegram, has introduced a new update with better controls for downloads along with several visual changes.

The new update features a download manager that allows users to pause and resume downloads from a single page. Users can send any type of file of up to 2GB in size. When a file download is in progress, the app displays an icon in the search bar.

The mobile app also features redesigned attachment menus for quick selection of any kind of media and document. Users can also preview and rearrange albums before sharing any attachments.

The Telegram app on iOS has received more changes to the UI to sync it to the Android version. While the Android app now has a subtle semi-transparent interface with transparent headers in night mode.

Telegram also introduced Live Streaming Integration to help users manage live streams in groups and channels using external software such as OBS Studio or XSplit Broadcaster. Streamers can easily add overlays and multi-screen layouts to their broadcasts, turning their channels into a professional TV station.

The messaging platform also features a redesigned login page for both Android and macOS devices, along with smoother animations.

Telegram allows its users to create a unique username, allowing others to connect with users via the username or searching them via, without the need for sharing phone numbers.

The latest update will now allow users to share a direct link to their phone numbers. The app will also allow users to open links from within their browsers even if they do not have a Telegram account.

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