Prices of Essential Items at Utility Stores Increased

The subsidy on the prices of essential items at utility stores under the Ramadan relief package has now ended and the prices have been revised.

According to a notification issued by the Utility Store Corporation (USC), only five basic items will be subsidized now instead of 19.

The price of Daal Maash has been increased from Rs. 268 to Rs. 278 per kg. The price of Dal Moong has been increased from Rs. 160 per kg to Rs. 170 per kg.

The price of Besan (gram flour) has been increased from Rs. 170 per kg to Rs. 190 per kg. Similarly, the price of different brands of cooking oil has also been increased by up to Rs 20 per liter and the price of milk of different brands has also been increased by up to Rs. 20 per liter. Likewise, the price of tea (190 grams) has increased by Rs 12.

Sugar will be sold at Rs. 70 per kg, the 10 kg bag of flour at Rs. 400, and Ghee will be available at a discounted rate of Rs 260 per kg.

The CNIC requirement will still be intact with limits on quantities of sugar, flour, and Ghee.