PTA Clarifies News Regarding Increase in Rate of Internet and Call Packages

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has clarified the news regarding mobile operators increasing the rate of internet and call packages with PTA’s consent, saying that such “assertions are unfounded and factually incorrect.”

In a statement, the PTA said that it regulates tariffs of only the dominant player (SMP) i.e. Jazz in the retail mobile telecommunication market of Pakistan. While, non-SMP operators Telenor, Ufone and Zong are free to set up/ revise their tariffs on the basis of their cost of doing business and commercial considerations.

It further clarified that Telenor and Ufone have enhanced the minimum amount of superload/ easy load from Rs. 50 to Rs. 60, and Jazz and Zong from Rs. 50 to Rs. 70 contrary to the claims of an “increase from Rs. 50 to Rs. 100”. This change has no impact on the prices of calls or data services/ packages, the statement added.

Therefore, an impression given here of the huge increase in prices of calls/data is deceptive, said PTA.

PTA also refuted the news of prices of data packages increasing from “Rs. 10 to Rs. 25”. It said that the actual price of some data packages has only increased in the range of Rs. 5-10, for example, the price of Ufone’s “weekly light bucket” has increased from Rs. 105 to Rs. 110 only.

The statement said that PTA is vigilant about the rates/ tariffs being charged by mobile operators and ensures to protect interest of consumers.

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