Islamabad’s Private Schools Ordered to Follow Early Summer Vacations and Timings

The Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) has ordered private schools operating in Islamabad to suspend the classes of pre-primary to grade 5 with immediate effect amid the prevailing heatwave.

The development comes a day after the Islamabad Private Schools Association (IPSA) announced to reject the Federal Directorate of Education’s (FDE) decision of early summer vacations due to extremely hot weather.

Speaking in this regard, PEIRA spokesperson, Zafar Yousafzai, said that Islamabad’s private schools are required to comply with FDE’s orders with immediate effect. Otherwise, strict action will be taken against them.

PEIRA spokesperson added that private schools are also directed to follow the revised timings for classes 6 and above till the commencement of summer vacations.

On Tuesday, the FDE announced early summer vacations for pre-primary to primary classes and revised the timings for classes 6 and above, with the decision taking effect immediately.

In response to FDE’s decision, IPSA called an emergency meeting in the evening. The meeting agreed to reject FDE’s directives, deciding to keep the schools open for all classes with regular timings.